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A Family Owned Business That Has Been Putting Smiles on Children’s Faces Since 1971.

In 1971, two immigrant brothers named Dino and Nikitas Madonis, relying on the experience they got working for their father in his small but popular candy shop on the island of Rodos , Greece, decided to open up their own candy business in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. has developed and evolved over the years. In the early 1970’s, with the help of their father, Dino and Nikitas started producing Fudge, Cream Fudge, Nougat, clear toy candies and many other popular sweets and desserts including taffy and soft sugar filled mini cones which they continue to produce today.

Today Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. is proud to employ over 40 employees, who work on three different shifts, keeping Bonbon Rio Candy’s production working 24 hours a day. Its primary production is ice cream cones. Every type of cone imaginable is being manufactured, everything from mini cones and cups to Waffle Cones and Waffle bowls. Although the business has changed and evolved from its modest beginnings in 1971, they have never forgotten the fact that any business is only as good as its human assets. Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. is proud to say that they have been able to keep in their employment individuals that have literally grown up with the company, making the employees part of the family.

Get the client what they want: Bonbon Rio Candy has dedicated itself to remain flexible enough to try to meet any special demands the client needs. From special colors to different packaging.

When they want it: We have strived to create a system which we call “dedicated production” to assure customer satisfaction. A client can provide us with monthly projections, meaning that during the hot steamy months of June, July and August, customers do not have to worry about being short shipped. In addition, Bonbon Rio’s 24 hour production facility allows us to reduce the time between receiving an order and shipping it.

Price: In addition to Bonbon Rio’s 40+ years in the industry, its unique and flexible operation and production design and most importantly its employee dedication has helped us ensure that we provide very competitive pricing.

Quality: Simply our quality cannot be beat. Our Ice Cream cones are specifically made to be stronger, and made with our own unique recipe to help enhance the flavor of the ice cream being eaten. Strength= less breakages during transport.

Taste: Not to overpower the ice cream but to support its taste and consumption.

In addition, Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. has dedicated itself to ensure quality of its products, this remains Bonbon Rio’s highest priority. Bonbon Rio Candy inc has been HACCP accredited for many years and in 2015 Bonbon Rio’s production facility has been awarded GFSI (Global Food Security Initiative) certification.

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